Lets Collaborate Together For You To Use A Proven System, Your LinkedIn Profile and Transform Your LinkedIn Marketing, So That You Can Generate New Clients Month After Month After Month...

Here's my suggestion over the next 14 days lets work together to transform your LinkedIn marketing for free.

We will plug you into our software that will automate a lots of the tasks you shouldn't be doing and save you 10+ hours per week.

We will teach you the Leveraged Connection system and show you exactly how to Connect, Converse and Convert in a way that will turn new potential clients into actual paying clients.

And at the end of the 14 days you will see how powerful the leveraged connection system is, how easy it is to run and how having a complete marketing system will transform your business.

If you aren't satisfied then just let us know and we will part ways as friends. If you are over the moon, then we will continue working together.

The Leveraged Connections system was created to help you grow your business and generate new clients.

When I ask most service business 'where do you get most of your clients from?' The answer is always the same.

Word of mouth, referrals or from my current clients talking about me!

So the power of growing your own network and engaging with that network to grow your business has never been more powerful.

We know that the more people who KNOW us, LIKE us and TRUST us, the more business we will generate. That is what the Leveraged Connections system builds for you.

First we grow your networks with new potential clients, with strategic partners and with people who can talk about your business to others.

Next we engage with your networks on your behalf, so that you have new conversations every day and can deepen the relationship with those people, building the know you, like you and trust you factors.

Finally we use a conversion accelerator tool (the system will teach you the flow and what to do) so you can see who would like your help and use your service.

We focus on real human 2 human relationships, with real results!

I’m often asked WHY


Why do you do what it is you do? What lights you up?


And the answer is quite simple.


I think it’s the entrepreneurs and small business owners around the globe, that really help make this world a better place. 


They work tirelessly to serve others, backing themselves day in and out, taking risks and putting it all on the line. 


They focus on growing their businesses, so that they can employ others, help their local communities and charities and make other people’s lives better.


In my view it’s these people who make the world a better place for us all.


Having been in business for 13+ years I’ve just about seen every type of business possible and I'd say that 97% of them all have 1 thing in common…

'They want more clients and to grow their business.’


The majority of these businesses think they have a lead generation problem or a marketing problem, but it’s often more than that. 


The actual problem is…

They just simply aren’t in enough conversations with their ideal potential clients every day.


They either…

  • Don’t know where to find them
  • Don’t know how to reach them
  • Don’t know what to say to them
  • Don’t know how to go from having an initial conversation to creating an opportunity for their business to grow.


You see while humans exist on this planet, business will always been done H2H (human 2 human).


You first need to be seen and become known. 


Next you need to be liked. 


This will lead to you building trust with your new potential clients. Once this happens they will be open to understanding “how you could make their life better" and using your business.

This is how business is done and why I created Leveraged Connections to solve that exact problem…


‘Getting You Talking To The Right People Everyday To Grow Your Business.’


We all know how precious ‘time’ is, and that most business owners don’t ever have enough, so I created some software to save you time and automate 75% of the activities you should be doing. 


I then formulated, tested, re-tested and re-tested again the Leveraged Connections system, to ensure it would work for any industry - and of course it does. 


Finally I created amazing training, mentoring and accountability to ensure that results were a given and not just a nicety. 


It’s because of my WHY. 


It’s because of my passion to help the good guys. 


And it’s because I know the more conversations business owners are in each week, with their potential clients the more clients they will attract. 


This is the real reason WHY I created the Leveraged Connections system and WHY I’m so passionate about helping our clients smash it out of the park everyday.


Being able to watch the impact they make each day.


Being able to watch them grow, hire new team members, support charities that they’re passionate about and overall make other people’s lives better.


And finally to be able to watch our clients create the business they’ve always dreamed of, a business that creates impact, financial freedom and time freedom.


It’s that, that truly lights me up and WHY I do what I do, to play my small little part in making the world a better place. 

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5 Steps To Your Success...

Growing your business consistently, month after month, is easy when you have a proven system to follow.

The Leveraged Connections Framework ensures that you get in front of your potential clients daily, get into conversations with them and find ways to help them through your business.


Build Your Target Audience

The first stage is to build your target audience. This is KEY to growing any business. No people = No sales. Use both the software and our tactics to bring in new potential clients every day. These campaigns will ensure you have a FULL pipeline of people.


Share Your Genius

The next stage is to start conversing with your audience. Right now 60% of people aren't even thinking about your service as a solution to their pain point. Why? Because they don't know you well enough or understand how you could make their life better. Our converse framework will change that and make you the 'go to' for your industry.


Converse and Deepen Relationships

Backed by neuroscience our green brain conversation approach will ensure that you are building trust, connection and bonds faster than ever before. We all know that our prospects need to know us, like us and trust us before they will use our service. This will speed up your results.


Offer Conversion Accelerators

This this stage is to convert and our conversion accelerators will do just that. You have built an audience of potential clients, but you don't know who is ready for help or not. The conversion accelerators will change that instantly. This step is the key to you growing your business with new clients every month.


Offer and Help

The people that wanted your conversion accelerator are ready to get help. It's time to see how you can best help them and offer your service to them. Creating more sales is easy when you have used a complete system from targeting your ideal client, deepening relationships with them and showing them how you can make their life better, making an offer is the final step to you getting new clients.

Watch A Brief Behind The Scene's Demo...

Grab A 14 Day Free Trail and See If Collaborating Together Is The Answer To Helping Your Business Grow...

Get a 14 day free trial of the Leveraged Connections system, then for less than $76 a week (charged monthly at $300 per month) you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a client generating machine.

Automate building your target audience, staying front of mind and turning your relationships into new clients with the Leveraged Connections System.

Over the 14 days together you will get access to the system and the software...

Software Plus

Use the software, set up your campaigns and run the system from start to finish.

You will get...

  • Full LI Software Access
  • Weekly Mentoring & Coaching
  • Members Portal With How To Guides & Templates

You Will Be Able To...

  • Build your target audience everyday on autopilot
  • Engage with your connections daily on autopilot
  • Create new conversations with your potential clients
  • Activate your relationships with the built in CRM
  • Send both LinkedIn messages and emails in multichannel campaigns
  • Send out your conversion accelerators on autopilot
  • Powerful coaching and mentoring to fast track your success

How Does Our Software Work

It is a common question we are asked, so here is the run down.

But remember that the Leveraged Connections System is exactly that, a marketing system that utilizes LinkedIn.

Here are the ways it can save you time, effort, money and get those business generating activities done each day.

1. Automate Manual Tasks at Scale

Boost your productivity and achieve faster results with our LinkedIn and email automation software. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to a more efficient way of expanding your B2B network. Send out hundreds of personalised connection requests and follow-up messages every day on LinkedIn and Email, completely on autopilot.10x your replies by prospecting across multiple channels and create a truly multi-channel sales pipeline. For instance, you could visit a lead's LinkedIn profile, follow up with a personalized connection request and then an email.

2. Build trust with prospects using personalization at scale

Automatically send customised messages based on the prospect's industry or location, or adjust your message based on their title? Thanks to our templates and personalization snippets, you can tailor your sales message according to each prospect.

3. Eliminate the hard work of business networking

Our built-in LinkedIn CRM system enables you to easily manage, organise and categorize all your business contacts the way you want with tags, notes, filters and more. Get a complete overview of your network and focus on your relationships without distractions.

4. Save over 10hrs per week so you can focus on selling

Quite literally, time is our most valuable resource, so it's crucial to devote as much of it to the things that are important and more valuable to your business. Automate tedious manual tasks, so you can instead focus on speaking with and nurturing leads towards conversion and maximize sales.

Why Are We Different To LinkedIn Marketing Companies or Other LI Software...

The simple answer is we use LinkedIn because it is the worlds largest free business database and we know when used correctly the power you have to build you a VERY targeted pipeline of potential clients is HUGE.

But besides that, here is what makes us stand out as the best!

We don't just simply offer software and hope that it will work for you, like other LI Software companies do.

Yes, the software is great and it saves you 10+ hours per week...

BUT you need to understand HUMAN MARKETING and how to build the know you, like you, trust you factors that make your prospects become clients.

The Big Difference: We mentor and train you every week on how to activate your relationships and be successful with your campaigns.

Yes the software looks the same as others you've seen, they all do and really they can all do the same thing.

To us it is not about the software, it is about building you a targeted audience, it is about deepening the relationship with them, it is about using conversion accelerators to see how wants a solution and it's about making offers.

The Big Difference: We have a complete system at work that plugs into LI, Events & Cross Promotions to build your targeted audience and a complete system to turn those people into your new clients.

No we are not a content agency or run LinkedIn ads. Sure we will work with you to share your genius because your audience needs to see that you have a solution to their pain points.

But we are all about getting you into conversations, not getting exposure through making posts.

The Big Difference: We know that conversations and offering conversion accelerators is what turns relationships into clients. That's the game we are playing, not the look at me I've got 1,000+ impressions or likes exposure game.

It doesn't matter if you have hardly used LinkedIn before... If you know your target audience and we can find them easily to build you a pool of your ideal prospects, then you will be successful.

We have people who have had 200 connections through to people who have had 30,000 connections. What actually matters is having the RIGHT people in front of you.

The Big Difference: We don't make promises. We will understand who your ideal target audience is and if we can't see that there is a huge pool of them, then we will tell you to try something else.

That is just the start in what makes the Leveraged Connections System so powerful.

  • We combine software and tools to make your life easier.
  • We combine neuroscience backed tactics and human behaviour research to ensure that you build trust and connection faster than ever before.
  • We combine the conversion and convert strategies to ensure you turn conversations into new clients.

The bottom line... You get a whole marketing system that allows you to grow your business month after month.

Our Clients Love Us

"I have never had a real system to market my business or be consistent in attracting new clients to work with. Once I nailed down my ideal target audience the LC system did the rest. I was in more conversations than ever before and I actually enjoyed marketing my business each day.

Thank you so much team for the help."

- Peter Crossbey

(Business Coach)

"It's fair to say as accountants we are great at numbers and horrible at marketing. At the start I didn't think I would be able to have conversations each day with everyone, but it was only a 20 minutes block and before long, it was actually fun seeing how I could help everyone I was talking to.

We have had 7 new clients in the past 4 months and business is flying."

- Susan Allen


"Connecting to builders, town planners, designers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers has changed my business for the better. I now have a great referral network and get business regularly from my connections. It is so easy to stay front of mind and nurture my relationships each day."

- Tanya Lasario


"I've never been able to get clients consistently until now. To see new potential clients joining my audience every day is amazing and I love getting into conversations with them."

- Jane Macbeth

(Business Coach)

"I've always loved LinkedIn as a tool to grow my business, but since working with the Leveraged Connections program I never really understood how much I was doing wrong. This is a complete step by step system and it just works. Growing my business has never been easier."

- Paul Martin

(IT Consultant)

"I use to spend a lot of time networking and getting myself out there. I always thought the more exposure I got, the more clients I would get. This wasn't always the case. Now I don't have to go networking if I don't want to, I have hundreds of conversations each month with my ideal target audience and I know exactly what to say and what to do next to help them become my next client"

- Jonathon Brady

(Book keeper)